Key Features of PunctureSafe

Will seal punctures permanently and for the life of the tyre.

Will give you a controlled deflation if the integrity of the tyre has been compromised.

Will cover more of the inner tyre “at high speeds” to prevent porosity in the tyre and stop bead leaks – Requires advanced chemistry.

Will not pile up in a narrow band down the centre of the crown area owing to centrifugal forces – This is a common problem with many sealants and the advanced chemistry required to prevent this is our closely guarded secret.

Will seal punctures over more of the crown area” owing to PunctureSafe’s “better inner tyre coverage.”

Will not seal punctures in the thin & flexing sidewall, but will give a tell-tale sign with a controlled and slow deflation.

Will help extend tyre life because of a much cooler inner tyre. Heat build-up is removed by conduction away from the inner tread area to the rim, because of better inner tyre coverage. Plus, cold tyres are less susceptible to punctures. (Rubber is a poor conductor of heat).

Will help extend tyre life as better coverage over the “inner tyre” eliminates porosity giving optimised tyre pressures,with the added benefit of improved fuel economy and safer vehicle handling.

Will be manufactured using heat” in an intricate process with over 15 polymers to give a solids content of 80% but only 20% liquid, rather than 80% liquid and only 20% solids which is common with sealants mixed cold with as little as one or two polymers – You cannot achieve the attributes you find in PunctureSafe with only one or two polymers or without applying heat and the principles of chemistry during the manufacturing process.

Will cure in the puncture to a firm and flexible rubbery plug, as opposed to something resembling sticky modeling clay or hard and common with tyre sealants formulated with just one or two polymers. These simple sealants initially seal punctures, but then fail as the plug dries and shrinks because of heat. This is because simple tyre sealants with a high water content that can bind fibre and rubber particles whilst still in their liquid state, initially seals a puncture in a tyre but fail as the tyre sealant plug dries and shrinks.

Will be water based for quick and easy clean out from the tyre.

Will definitely not vapourise or steam in a warm tyre causing the tyre pressure to increase to a dangerous level – Requires advanced chemistry to achieve a complex azeotropic liquid base that increases the boiling point of liquids to prevent steaming. Similarly, when water binds the polymer chains via hydrogen bonding it increases the surface area, which causes the water to evaporate out of a polymer at the slightest increase in temperature. Our unique chemistry prevents this from happening.

Will not over any length of time, break down or dry up inside a high speed tyre – Requires advanced chemistry applied with heat to achieve this.

Will not over time lose any viscosity in the tyre.
When heat and stress is applied to water based polymers inside a high speed tyre, the polymers rapidly thin within a few thousand miles in a process called hydrolysis (decomposition of the polymer chains owing to a chemical reaction with water, during which molecules of water are split into hydrogen cations) Our unique chemistry prevents this from happening.

Will not ball up inside the tyre. Owing to the large difference in specific density between the heavy liquid polymer and the significantly lighter fibre and rubber particle solids, centrifugal force normally cause these lighter particles to be forced in a reverse direction and collect on the inner surface of the polymer in clumps. Our unique chemistry prevents this from happening.

Will not run to the bottom of the tyre in a stationary vehicle.

Will be thermally stable at speeds of up to 250kph – Very rare.

Will not rust or corrode rims.

Will condition the inner tyre.

Will not void tyre manufacturers’ warranties.

Will not contain Ethylene Glycol, an extremely toxic anti-freeze.

Will be non toxic – A result of years of Research & Development.

Will always comply with Health and Safety regulations in Europe and the UK.

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